Why Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance in its most basic form pays a lump sum on your death.

If you have a partner or children, life insurance will leave them with a good level of financial protection. It’s not always pleasant to think about, but it’s a fundamental way to protect those you care about.

What Life Insurance will cover

It can cover existing debts, like mortgages, or be used for future planning, like school or college expenses.

When people you care about depend on you, it’s a relief to know you can still take care of them after death or illness. You can get quotes and information about life insurance, illness cover, indexation and conversion, below.

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Find out more about greenway financial advisors

Purchasing life insurance products online doesn’t have to be a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach. We aim to bring together our knowledge and excellent online technology to give you, our customer, the best of both worlds. We believe each unique customer deserves financial advice that reflects their needs.

With Greenway, we’ll help you find the right policy, and even better, you’ll know why, and how to use it. We aim to be market leaders for customer service, and ease of use. Most importantly, your policy should fit your life, and your financial advice should fit in to your lifestyle.

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